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Man obliterates PlayStation 4 with high-powered rifle in video

Sony's PlayStation 4 may be able to stand against competitor fanboys and a torrent of game console criticism. But let's see how it fares against a .50 caliber rifle.

There's a PS4 somewhere in this picture. Screenshot by Nick Statt/CNET

Nothing quite speaks to the year 2013 like a YouTube video of a highly anticipated, $400 piece of hardware getting blown to bits by a high-powered rifle -- all to the soothing sounds of dubstep.

That's the modus operandi of Rated RR, a YouTube channel that relishes in putting mankind's most destructive pieces of hardware up against the tech community's most divisive pieces of hardware, those being iOS devices. The channel occasionally totes out a game console, like in this instance, but also features a healthy amount of weapon enthusiast videos to boot.

Xbox One and PC fans, get out the popcorn. Rated RR's Richard Ryan keeps things conservative at first, firing the rifle standing up. But wait until the 1:20 mark for when things hit peak destructiveness.

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Rated RR isn't done either. It'll be bringing the remains of the PS4 out to play on Friday once more when there are more guns to play with, and not just the .50 caliber Barrett rifle.

"I'm going to have a ton of stuff out here for the iPad Mini I'm going to take out this weekend too," Ryan said. So make sure to check in for that. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.