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Man hid transmitter under wife's bed, police say

A husband stands accused of placing a transmitter beneath his wife's bed, as he wanted to know if she was having sex.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In human relationships, nothing should surprise. Indeed, the only extreme reaction ought to be disappointment.

This is what I feel after I learned from the excellent Beaver County Times that a man is being accused of placing a transmitter beneath his wife's bed.

His purpose was allegedly to discover if she was having sex.

The more alert among you might have noticed the phrase "his wife's bed." This would suggest either that the gentleman in question and his wife had an agreeable but separate sleeping arrangement. Or that there was trouble beneath their roof.

It seems it may have been the latter, as Suzanne Cripe--for this is the wife's reported name--allegedly has a boyfriend. The fact that their home is in Pennsylvania and not, say, California supports the notion that this was not some sweetly liberal menage.

Indeed, it is Mrs. Cripe who is accusing Wayne Comet Cripe, aged 66, of being an electronic bugger.

The police report declares that Cripe placed a transmitter in such an intimate place because he wanted to know whether his wife and her boyfriend were having sex.

"Cripes," you might say. "Were the Cripes still sharing a house?" It seems that they were. Cripes allegedly told the police that he needed to know "if the coast was clear" in his house, as he went about his business.

Interesting for those in Web world, Cripes has been charged with--among other things--invasion of privacy. So the concept does still exist in the law's eyes.

Relationships can often take tortuous and incomprehensible paths. I fear, though, that once electronics invade these paths, the end can only be painful. For at least one party.