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Man finds lost iPad with iPod

A man who left his iPad on an airplane in Oregon used Apple's Find My iPhone app to locate and track the device as it landed in Orlando, Fla.

An example of Apple's Find My iPhone app. Apple

Some may wonder how anyone could possibly leave something like an iPad on an airplane. Well, as parents know, it could happen very easily when there are children around to care for (and be distracted by).

That's exactly what happened to Curtis Cogdill and his wife on a recent flight from Sacramento, Calif., to Portland, Ore., according to a report on CNN. In the hustle and bustle of getting themselves and their baby off the plane, they forgot their iPad.

After some discussion as to whose fault it was, Cogdill used his iPod Touch and Apple's Find My iPhone MobileMe app to locate the iPad. While the family was in Oregon, the iPad had taken a cross-country trip to Orlando, Fla.

"You could zoom all the way in," Cogdill said. "You could tell it was sitting where an airplane would be sitting at the terminal."

It must have been something to watch his iPad pull up to the gate in Orlando's airport, but the trip wasn't over yet. Cogdill noticed the iPad leaving the plane and heading out of the airport, stopping at a nearby house.

With the help of a Southwest Airlines supervisor and local police, who visited the employee's home, the Cogdills got their iPad back.