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Man buns may hit Westeros (yay?) with Jon Snow haircut

Rest easy. The biggest "Game of Thrones" mystery has been solved, and the whole Internet is a lie.


"Ugh. First they kill me, then they give me a man bun? What's next, eating bugs?!?"


Remember last year during the filming of "Game of Thrones," when everyone wanted actor Kit Harrington to get a haircut (or not) just to give us an answer to the big question about you know what? But then he did and the Internet freaked out trying to figure out what the 'do did or did not mean about his character's fate?!

Well, it turns out, the haircut happened because the showrunners wanted it and his hair definitely is going to be a featured player this season (I hope). Not much is known about how much shorter the lovely locks will look or truly be, but word is there's a man bun coming.

Harrington basically told Entertainment Weekly he did it on purpose because he's cruel and rude and hates your happiness. "I know this hairstyle, this haircut, is very synonymous with the show. I know in the past I'd said I'd cut it off when I can. I wanted to appear with shorter hair straight away so it would sell the lie."

Sorry Snow, no one bought it.