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Man builds bionic hand out of Keurig coffeemaker

Ever wonder would be like if MacGyver created a body part for the Six Million Dollar Man? This stunning time-lapse video reveals all.

If there's a zombie apocalypse, we want people like Evan Booth around. Because if an undead walker chomps off your hand, and you want to rebuild it from common household appliances, Booth's the man.

Using only the parts from a Keurig K350 coffeemaker, plus adhesives and a 12-volt external power supply, Booth built a working hand he dubbed Hedberg. On the YouTube video, he notes he used only basic household tools and went into the project with no plans, "just a general idea of how things should be constructed."

The project took him just under 200 hours, but he condensed the work into a five-minute video that travels from unopened Keuric box to a final, flexing hand that's rewarding itself with a tasty beverage. On Saturday, he presented the video at Defcon in Las Vegas. Jaime Lannister (warning: bloody image) only wishes he had a hand like this.