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Man reportedly sends nude selfies to HR, job offer rescinded

Technically Incorrect: A Chicago man is said to have sent nude pictures to the recruiter for a company that's just offered him a job. He says they were intended for someone else.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Think before you sext. Especially if you're looking for a job. CNET

I have some advice for you.

Should you be in the throes of interviewing for a new job, please don't send nude selfies to the human resources department of your prospective employer.

This might seem like obvious advice. However, I'm leaning on a story emanating from the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.

As the BBC reports, a man interviewing for a job somehow contrived to send a couple of nude selfies to an HR manager at the company for which he hoped to work. This unnamed company had reportedly already extended him a job offer.

There are bad moves. This is a very bad move indeed.

Naturally, the HR manager wasn't impressed to be receiving such missives. She reportedly called the police, who decided to have a chat with the unnamed 23-year-old job applicant.

The man allegedly admitted to sending the pictures, but insisted he'd sent them to the wrong person. (The HR manager reportedly received the texts in the evening.)

How convincing does that sound? How likely is it that one would send nude pictures of oneself without thoroughly checking that they were headed in the appropriate direction? Perhaps some people just think it's a commonplace activity these days. And texts do go astray on occasion.

The Elmurst Police Department wasn't immediately available for comment. However, police chief Michael Ruth reportedly told the Chicago Tribune that the job offer extended to the man had been rescinded.

The Tribune further says that the police report included these words: "(Police) advised the offender to cease any contact with the victim."

The victim reportedly declined to pursue a case against the sexting applicant.