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Man accused of posting fake Craigslist sex ad for revenge

A former pharmacist is accused of using information about a patient to post a fake sex ad purporting to be from her. His motive is alleged to be revenge after she told him she would file a complaint.

I once used to live in an apartment in London that had previously been something of a bordello.

It was a very nice apartment. However, it was extremely disconcerting to receive late-night calls from strange men wondering if Hermosa was available.

But this was but a mere twinge when compared with the discomfort of a woman from Norwalk, Conn., who also allegedly began to receive phone calls of a somewhat perplexingly sexual nature.

She described these communications to CBS 2 this way: "Men calling, looking for a good time. And I said, 'You got the wrong number.' I hung up the phone, got another call, another call."

She claims that a few men even came to her door. Finally, a man told her about a Craigslist ad that featured her name, address, and phone number. It was a "Sex Partner Wanted" ad.

Her first thought was, she said, that it must be a certain pharmacist.

This anonymous lady had, allegedly, walked into a CVS Pharmacy in Norwalk to pick up some medicine. Her visit appears to have ended with her telling the pharmacist that she would file a complaint for bad service. "He was acting strange, had this peculiar look on his face," she told CBS 2. not necessarily sweet. CC Lord Jim/Flickr

The sexually interested parties allegedly began calling to arrange sexually interesting parties the very next day. So the alleged victim put two and two together in a firmly deductive way and suggested to police that perhaps the pharmacist had used the CVS records for nefarious purposes.

After months of investigation, police have charged Jonathan Medina, 38, now a former CVS pharmacist, with harassment and computer crimes. He is, allegedly, on the run after leaving the state of Connecticut. Police believe he may now be in Washington state.

The use of Craigslist for deception of this kind seems to be becoming more prevalent. This month, Margery Tannenbaum, from Hauppauge, N.Y., was arrested for aggravated harassment after she allegedly placed an ad to lure men and then redirected the calls to her neighbor's house.

Her motive is alleged also to have been revenge after an argument between her daughter and the neighbor's. Both girls are 9 years old.

One might be forgiven for wondering whether Craigslist, which this week decided to eliminate its erotic-services section and police a new adult-services section more closely, has become a hall of mirrors for the more twisted aspects of the human psyche.