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Malaysian artist turns 64,000 chopsticks into a portrait of Jackie Chan

Calling herself a painter without a paintbrush, Malaysian artist Hong Yi has made a giant portrait of superstar Jackie Chan from disposable bamboo chopsticks.

Jackie Chan chopsticks
The artist strikes a pose with Jackie Chan beside the chopstick art piece. Hong Yi

Some artists use paint as a medium, but Malaysian artist Hong Yi, who describes herself as a painter without a paintbrush, has bundled 64,000 disposable bamboo chopsticks into a portrait of martial arts star Jackie Chan.

According to Yi's blog, the chopstick installation piece was inspired by Chan's chopstick battles, such as the one in Fearless Hyena. She wrote that she used chopsticks due to them being a symbol of Chinese culture.

Jackie Chan Chopsticks 2
A closer look at the chopsticks, as well as the bamboo holders that make up the word "long" (dragon in mandarin). Hong Yi

She also added 60 bamboo holders filled with skewers that form the mandarin word "long" (it means dragon) as a homage to Chan's mandarin name Chen Long.

The art piece was presented to the superstar at his concert in Beijing (yes, besides fighting, Chan also sings, and manages a Korean boy band). Check out the video below, which features a chopstick battle skit between the actor and the artist.