MakerBot text adventure gins up excitement for CES announcement

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot unveils a text adventure with a clever twist for those who already own a 3D printer.

Have a 3D printer? Then you're ready to play Key Features, a text adventure from MakerBot that provides clues to its next product.

Rich Brown/CNET

MakerBot Industries is the company behind the MakerBot, a build-it-yourself 3D printer that sells for just over $1,000. The MakerBot, and consumer 3D printing in general, are both in early stages. You can expect an increased presence for 3D printing at CES, with MakerBot and other vendors scheduled to make announcements.

To promote its own news, MakerBot commissioned game designer Andrew Plotkin to create Key Features, a text adventure in the vein of the old Zork and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy games. As you progress through the game you'll find free, downloadable plans for printable 3D objects, which serve as clues hinting at MakerBot's new product.

To play the game, go here. To beat the game, you don't need a 3D printer, but you do apparently need to be smarter than I am.

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