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Make your own Star Wars Poe Dameron X-Wing suit on the cheap

This step-by-step video from "DIY Costume Squad" shows how you can hang a Poe Dameron X-wing costume made from everyday materials in your cosplay closet.

The masters of cardboard and hot glue guns who brought you "DIY Prop Shop" have returned with a new crafty Web series from Mashable called "DIY Costume Squad." In an episode posted Wednesday, do-it-yourself host Dustin McLean and his crew show viewers how to construct a Poe Dameron X-Wing suit from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

McLean spray-paints a thrift store jacket and pants orange to match Dameron's X-Wing getup. For the vest, McLean paints a youth-size life preserver white. He sizes the vest to fit snugly using, you guessed it, duct tape and hot glue.

Grab some extra belts and straps, paint them gray and add them to the costume. Paint a small cardboard box white and add a vacuum cleaner tube and details like square buttons, then attach the contraption to the vest using velcro. Don't forget to draw the Rebel Alliance logo on the vest.

Add a few more details to the costume, and voilà, you've got Dameron's flight suit. The complete costume costs around $50 (approximately £36, AU$69). And don't forget that Star Wars X-Wing helmet McLean made on a previous episode of "DIY Prop Shop."