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Make your own Iron Man arc reactor for cheap

AWE me's latest "DIY Prop Shop" video shows you how to make your very own arc reactor for around $30. Just don't expect it to power your Iron Man suit.

The finished arc reactor looks pretty impressive. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Tony Stark's incredible Iron Man suit helps him fight bad guys and stay alive thanks to the glowing arc reactor in Iron Man's chest.

In the latest episode of the show "DIY Prop Shop" on media company Break's YouTube channel, DIY master Dustin McLean shows viewers how to make their very own arc reactor replica for cheap.

For the build, McLean uses things people commonly have in their houses, only heading to the hardware store to purchase the few oddball pieces he needs to put the product together. Using some modified LED puck lights, a kitchen sink strainer, and various other bits and pieces laying around the house, McLean is able to stitch together a pretty impressive-looking arc reactor fit for a Shellhead.

And, the most impressive part is that the entire build cost him less than $30 (about £20, AU $40) in total, most of which went into the lights and strainer. Granted, McLean already has a bunch of the tools needed to build, but if you have the right equipment, you could build things like Iron Man arc reactors, and even your very own for cheap.