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Make your kids adorable while they listen to music with these $7 reindeer headphones

Must... resist... adorableness! Actually, at this price there's no need to resist. Cutest kid-phones ever! Plus: Get an essential-oil diffuser for $13.


I'm not playing reindeer games with you, these are only $7.


My kids are all grown up, which means I'm no longer allowed to dress them in ridiculously cute clothes and accessories. But maybe I can put one of these aside for future grandkids?

Because awwwww. Look at them! For a limited time, and while supplies last, ZBetonline has the iClever Kids Reindeer Headphones for just $7.19. That's after clipping the 5 percent Amazon coupon and then applying promo code 33K2ODAL at checkout.

Aside from the obvious cuteness, these wired on-ear headphones offer padded ear-cups, removable horns (though why you'd want to remove them, I can't imagine) and built-in circuitry that limits volume to 85db -- the better to protect young ears.

I haven't tried these myself, but about 100 buyers rated the headphones 4.5 stars out of 5 -- and both Fakespot and ReviewMeta give those ratings a passing grade.

Just as impressive, given both the low price and inevitable abuse these are likely to experience, is the 18-month warranty.

Seven bucks! The photo ops alone are probably worth the price.

Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: Diffusers are everywhere these days, and with good reason: With just a drop or two of any number of scented oils, they make rooms smell good. (Are there health benefits as well? Most of the science says "not really," but who doesn't like pleasant smells?)

Want to try one yourself -- or, just as good, give one as a gift? For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Mynt Essential Oil 100ml Diffuser is just $12.99 with promo code Z77A6DIX. It's normally $14.99 -- so not a huge discount, but already a solid deal.

Like a lot of similar products, this one is compact and colorful, with LEDs that can cycle through various pleasing hues. It can run continuously for over 4 hours or intermittently for over 10. According to Mynt, a "unique internal build" prevents condensation from forming around the rim and potentially dripping onto your table, nightstand, etc.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but I'm definitely a fan of these misters. Every room should smell like lavender, always. (Well, maybe not the kitchen.)

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