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Make your fridge shelves swing

Seeing what's at the back of the fridge is a lot easier with the Swing Out Fridge Tray.

The Swing Out Fridge Tray Taylor Gifts

I have a year-round problem with losing food in the back of the refrigerator, but it gets a lot worse during the holidays. I don't like having to dig through everything on a particular fridge shelf, just to see what's behind the milk. The Swing Out Fridge Tray offers an alternative. The tray sits on the shelf, attaching with PVC suction cups. It pulls forward and revolves, allowing you easy access to everything on the shelf with just a turn of the tray. The Swing Out Fridge Tray is easy to install and fits any refrigerator, although it cannot be installed on wire shelves. It needs a flat surface to rest on.

The Swing Out Fridge Tray makes cleaning up fridge spills easier, as well. The tray is polypropylene and can go in the dishwasher, making cleaning off a fridge shelf a matter of seconds. It's seems ideal for all the little containers that otherwise lurk in the back of a refrigerator but seems to also be up to holding heavier containers like a jug of orange juice. Depending on your fridge, you may even want to add a second Swing Out Fridge Tray--double the convenience. The tray is available for $19.98.