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Make room for the Media Tank

USB peripheral Media Tank houses hard drive, optical drive, and media card reader.


Do you suffer from peripheral overload? If your desk is a mess of wires, the Media Tank can help. ThinkGeek is selling this external enclosure for $90. It supplies a 6-in-1 card reader (CF I/II, MD, SD, MMC, and MS/MS Pro) and room for an IDE hard drive and optical drive of your choosing. Inside is a cooling fan and heat sink to keep your drives from overheating. Built-in surge protection helps keep your data safe. The Media Tank connects to your PC (or Mac) via USB 2.0 and also serves up a USB 2.0 port for all those pesky USB keys that litter your desk drawers. It's the perfect companion for ultraportable laptops that lack an optical drive and are short on hard drive space. Keep it next to your docking station for all your media burning, transferring, and archiving needs.

Via Everything USB