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Make rice nice with this multipurpose cooker

The NutriWare Whole Grain Gourmet from Aroma Housewares can cook whole grains and pasta while steaming vegetables.

Everything you need. Aroma Housewares

Rice is great and all, but it can be a bit bland. Heck, even vanilla ice cream has more flavor than a typical bowl of white rice. So, while pedestrian items of plain design get labeled with the vanilla moniker, the true culprit worthy of this taste-stealing description is, and always has been, plain rice. But let me back up to the start: rice is great, it just needs a little help.

Steamed vegetables are a great addition to practically any rice dish. Easy to make, they add nutrients and flavor with very little extra work. In fact, some pots are designed to be multicookers. The NutriWare Whole Grain Gourmet from Aroma Housewares not only allows for cooking multiple items at one time, it also is a versatile appliance capable of cooking anything from pasta to potatoes and even seafood. A dual heating system gives the rice cooker the ability to sustain a rolling boil, perfect for cooking whole grains, beans, and pastas. The steamer tray fits right on top of the cooking vessel, making it extra easy to include a serving of delicious vegetables with your meal.

The inserts are all nonreactive stainless steel and include the steam tray, the cooking pot, and a pasta colander. The control panel is uncluttered and offers the options of white or brown rice, along with the pasta/boil or steam setting. A keep warm setting rounds out the options. The versatile options included on this countertop appliance assure you that no matter what you like to serve with something simple like rice, you will be able to cook it with ease.