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Make poop emoji Peeps for a tasty treat

These cocoa-covered Peeps look like adorable poop emojis.


These homemade poop emoji Peeps are both tasty and adorable.


This Easter people have been putting Peeps -- seasonal marshmallow treats -- on top of pizzas or inside Oreo cookies.

You either love those neon-colored chicks and bunnies or you hate them. So why not make your own version of them for Easter by making Poop Emoji Peeps?

This easy recipe shows you how to make marshmallows from scratch then mold them into little swirly poops just like the popular emoji.

Top the marshmallow poop with sugar mixed with brown food coloring and cocoa powder.

Lastly, don't forget the eyes and mouth of the emoji. Cut slices of marshmallows for the whites of the eyes and the mouth. For the pupils, use tiny drops of brown food dye.

Affix everything to the poop marshmallows using candy glue, also known as edible adhesive.

If you're feeling extra inspired by these hilarious-looking treats, check out this cooking tutorial on how to make chocolate poop emoji cookies as well.