Make Hello Kitty the hub of your world

When I first learned that there actually exists a Hello Kitty USB hub, the commercialism-wary cynic in me was disturbed. Much like consumers on or, I thought, "Now that is scary."


Then the mother of a 5-year-old girl took over. I smiled just imagining the look on my Hello Kitty-obsessed daughter's face as she keyed alongside her moving and talking Sanrio star. It's not quite the Hello Kitty sewing kit I had growing up, but still managed to conjure up some sweet memories. Perhaps Delores put it best in her comments on "You know, I'm pretty sure I don't need one of these. So why is that 'add to basket' button looking so very tempting?"

For those giving in to temptation, the pink product sells for about $80 at One of many high-tech Hello Kitty offerings, the hub gets pretty high reviews and speaks Japanese or English in response to keyboard input. It's able to connect two USB electronics, is compatible for both Mac and PC computers, and includes an alarm clock feature, among others (like being pretty cute).

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