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Make free voice calls on Facebook's app

The Facebook Messenger app for iOS now can make voice calls, iPhone users can purchase Amazon MP3s from their device, and the fake-girlfriend story involving a football star has drawn attention to the "Catfishing" phenomenon.

Thursday's CNET Update does exist:

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Stories from today's tech news roundup:

- Facebook updated its Messenger app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing people in the U.S. to make voice calls through a Wi-Fi or data connection.

- iPhone users can finally buy music from Amazon from their device. Amazon launched its mp3 store for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but the catch is that purchases must be made through the Web browser, at And the songs can be played on the Amazon Cloud Player app.

- The cloud storage service MediaFire is now available for Android and offers 50GB of free space. But it doesn't have all the features of Dropbox.

- Yelp is adding health code ratings to restaurants, starting with San Francisco and New York.

- Everyone is talking about the online dating phenomenon of "catfishing" with the controversy surrounding the fake girlfriend of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o. The football star says he was caught up in hoax in which someone made up a fake account on social media and pretended to be a girl named Lennay Kekua, and lured him into a romantic relationship that he thought was real.

It's a story that has many talking about catfishing, which is the act of creating a fake social media profile and leading someone on romantically. If you have thoughts on the phenomenon, or know someone who has fallen for a fake account, email You can also send a short video reply via Tout. Some comments may be featured on our next Update.

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