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Make a Peep of your own

If you get cravings for Peeps after Easter, the Peeps Marshmallow Maker may be a necessity.

The Peeps Marshmallow Maker Fred Flare

When I see Peeps on the store shelves, I know spring is coming. I also know that I'm going to get a tummy ache soon because I'm going to chow down on Peeps after missing them all year long. If you feel the same way, you're in luck: we no longer have to wait to pick up our Peeps. The Peeps Marshmallow Maker lets us make our favorite Easter treat all year long and, according to the box, it only takes minutes to make a batch.

The Peeps Marshmallow Maker is a special container--labeled a machine--for mixing up sticky marshmallows. It looks something like a syringe, because the easiest way to transfer the mix into small molds is to push it out. The kit comes with the Peeps molds as well as a marshmallow mix and the bright pink and yellow sugars, which make the difference between everyday marshmallows and Peeps. The mixes are also sold separately for those of us who expect to be making Peeps on a regular basis.

If you buy the full Peeps Marshmallow Maker kit, the price is $26. Additional mixes are priced at $8, although they seem to be sold out for the moment.