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Make a connection with Barack Obama on LinkedIn

The Democratic presidential hopeful has created a profile on the business social-networking site. Or at least someone on his staff has created one for him.

LinkedIn (Screenshot by Switched)

Plenty of coverage has been devoted to national politicians' widespread adoption of MySpace and Facebook as campaign tools--it's a popular strategic move to ride the wave of viral buzz and simultaneously cater to the elusive youth vote. Democratic candidate John Edwards was even a Twitter early adopter.

Business-oriented social-networking site LinkedIn, meanwhile, has stayed out of the political fray. And indeed, LinkedIn hasn't started any formal campaign tie-ins the way MySpace has. But that hasn't stopped presidential hopeful Barack Obama from creating a profile on the site; if you want to "add him as a connection," you can do so right here.

At the very least, it's kind of amusing to see Obama's credentials and goals fit into the rigid confines of a LinkedIn profile. You can see the Illinois senator's past political experience (as many pundits have repeatedly emphasized, it's a short list) laid out like a resume, and learn that his non-professional interests include "basketball, writing, and spending time with (his) kids." And, of course, there's the "Get Introduced to Barack Obama" link. Sure, maybe at a $500-a-plate dinner.

(Via Switched)