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Majors announce Pentium II boxes

All of the largest PC makers introduce Pentium II systems--desktops, workstations, and servers.

All of the largest PC manufacturers introduced Pentium II systems today that run the gamut of computer types including desktops, workstations, and servers.

Computer vendors offering new Pentium II boxes include Compaq, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer, Digital Equipment, NEC, Gateway 2000, and Micron.

Companies such as Micron and Gateway 2000 are shipping systems immediately. Other vendors, such as HP, will ship systems at the end of the month.

Pentium II systems on the way
Desktop PCs
VendorModelChip speedPriceShip
CompaqDeskpro 4000233-MHz$2,5505/97
 Deskpro 6233233-MHz$3,0755/97
 Deskpro 6266266-MHz$3,4655/97
HPVectra VL233-MHz$2,3306/97
 Vectra VL266-MHz$2,5356/97
IBMPC 300XL233-MHz$2,4255/97
DellDimension XPS H233233-MHz$2,5995/97
 Dimension XPS H266266-MHz$3,2995/97
DigitalCelebris GL-2233-MHz$2,5005/97
 Celebris GL-2266-MHzn/an/a
MicronClientPro XLU233-MHz$2,7495/97
 ClientPro XLU266-MHz$2,9495/97
* Dual processor version

Gateway is immediately offering its PC-TV Destination line with a 233-MHz Pentium II for about $4,000. It is also offering a desktop PC with a 266-MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB of memory, and a 9GB hard disk drive that will be priced at $4,999.

In other desktop PC offerings, the IBM PC 300XL with a 233-MHz Pentium II, 32MB of memory, and a 2.5GB hard disk drive is priced starting at $2,425. (Intel is an investor in CNET: The Computer Network) Dell's Dimension XPS H266 desktop with a 266-MHz Pentium II, 32MB of memory, a 4.3GB hard disk drive, a Zip drive from Iomega, and a 16X CD-ROM drive is priced at $3,299.

Digital is among the first vendors to announce a dual-processor Pentium II workstation system. Its 266i2 with two 266-MHz Pentium II processors, a 2GB hard disk drive, a 16X CD-ROM drive, and Windows NT is priced starting at $6,600.

Workstation PCs
VendorModelChip speedPriceShip
IBMIntellistation M Pro266-MHz$4,2945/97
 Intellistation M Pro300-MHzTBATBA
* Dual processor version

Dell was the one of the few so far to officially announce a server computer system using the Pentium II. Positioned as an entry-level box, Dell's PowerEdge 2200 server has a 233-MHz Pentium II, 32MB of memory, a 2GB hard disk drive, and an 8X CD-ROM drive and is being offered for $3,071. A PowerEdge 2200 server with dual 266-MHz Pentium II processors, 32MB of memory, an 8X CD-ROM drive, and 6GB of storage is being sold for $6,876.

ALR said that it will announce a 300-MHz Pentium II "corporate desktop" in the third quarter, making it one of the first companies to indicate that it is planning a 300-MHz Pentium II system.

VendorModelChip speedPriceShip
DellPowerEdge 2200233-MHz$3,0716/97
 PowerEdge 2200266-MHz$4,9696/97
 PowerEdge 2200266-MHz*$6,8766/97
* Dual processor version