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Major League Gaming acquires GotFrag

The competitive gaming news site and social network will remain an independent brand, but Major League Gaming hopes to expand it.

It could be said that GotFrag, a news and social networking site for fans of competitive video gaming, just got pwned--but in a good way. New York-based professional gaming league Major League Gaming announced Wednesday that it has purchased GotFrag for an unspecified amount.

Through the acquisition, Major League Gaming hopes to boost the visibility of professional gaming, especially in the United States, where it's far more under-the-radar than it is in European and Asian countries. This has been an ongoing goal for the professional league, which inked a deal with the USA Network last year to have its 2006 pro gaming circuit broadcast on national cable television and which purchased another competitive gaming site,, later that year. This year, Major League Gaming has been working with several production companies and talent agencies on TV deals with the aim of raising the profile of competitive gaming to something akin to poker tournaments or auto races.

GotFrag will remain an independent brand, maintaining its own office and staying largely separate from Major League Gaming, but a statement from the league says that new features will nevertheless still be on the way.