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Mainsoft brings .Net to WebSphere Portal

Company's latest tool allows Microsoft .Net Web applications to run on a WebSphere Portal server.

Mainsoft on Wednesday released software designed to bridge the gap between .Net and Java applications on IBM's WebSphere Portal server.

Because they are written using differnet programming languages, applications written with Microsoft's .Net tools and Java programs cannot be tightly integrated, according to Mainsoft executives. The company's Visual MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition allows developers to take existing Microsoft ASP.Net Web applications and recompile them to run on IBM's WebSphere Portal.

Running Java portal and .Net programs on a single server, a move endorsed by IBM, provides better application performance for the end user, said Jenna Dobkin, director of marketing at Mainsoft. She added that Mainsoft's tools makes use of Novell's open-source Mono software to make .Net applications compatible with Java portals.