Maingear revamps Vybe gaming desktop

Maingear introduces its new Vybe midrange gaming desktop, complete with preconfigured models and a unique trade-in program.

Maingear introduces the new Vybe mainstream gaming desktop.
Maingear introduces the new Vybe mainstream gaming desktop.Photo by Maingear

Maingear has updated its mainstream Vybe gaming desktop line with a new chassis, up-to-date specs, and a new assortment of consumer-friendly purchasing and support policies.

The new Vybe comes in three different core models, the S, the SE, and the SS. The S is a non-customizable $949 model that ships the same day you order. The SE and SS are both configurable, but with three-day shipping with the default configurations. This is not unlike the Ode line from Digital Storm, which also features preconfigured models that simplify the ordering process for consumers who might not be the most tech-savvy PC gamers.

Maingear now offers three preconfigured models of its Vybe gaming PC.
Maingear now offers three preconfigured models of its Vybe gaming PC.Photo by Maingear

The specs above show that Maingear has adopted the most current specs for its revamped mainstream gaming box. In particular we like the SS model's Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3-iSSD, which has an onboard 20GB solid-state drive that supports Intel's Smart Cache technology, which speeds access to the files you use most frequently.

Maingear has also expanded its support policies for its Vybe line. The new systems come with what the company calls its 30-day No-Fail Guarantee, which lets you return the system for a no-charge replacement if anything goes wrong within the first 30 days of ownership. It also features a loyalty trade-in program, wherein you can sell your system back to Maingear and put the proceeds towards a new Maingear system.

We have a customized Vybe SE in-house, complete with the onboard SSD, and will report back with a full review in the coming days.