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MainControl finds its niche

Systems management software start-up MainControl will announce new add-ons for IBM's management software.

Systems management software start-up MainControl, buoyed by recent customer successes, will next month announce new add-ons for system management software from IBM (IBM) subsidiary Tivoli Systems.

MainControl's chief product, the MC/EMpower suite, will augment Tivoli System's NetView software distribution utility and the local area network-based NetFinity diagnostic suite. Integration will enhance NetView's capabilities by providing pinpoint management of particular applications. For example, MainControl's Enterprise Explorer software distribution module could interoperate with NetView to target one division of a company, such as human resources, for a new application.

MainControl is attempting to find a niche for its software between the strong points of systems and network management products by Tivoli Systems, Hewlett-Packard, and Computer Associates.

MainControl officials say their software for tracking life-cycle costs of applications and systems are in high demand. MainControl completed $3 million in sales last month alone, according to the company. "This whole environment has gotten out of hand," said Zack Margolis, vice president of marketing for MainControl.

The company recently released version 2.1 of the MC/EMpower suite.

Recent customer wins include the InterAmerican Development bank in Washington, D.C., and the Wisconsin-based Marquette Medical Systems.