Magnets keep misbehaving collars in line

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Dress-down Fridays at work can be a struggle for guys. If you like non-button-down dress shirts, it can be tough to keep your collar the way you like it without a tie, especially if you top your ensemble with a jacket. It's even worse if you forget the collar stays that are supposed to give your look some control. As a result, the tips of your collar pop out like Sally Fields's aerodynamic headgear in "The Flying Nun."

Wurkin Stiffs
Credit: Wurkin Stiffs

To collar that collar, Joshua Boos of Sarasota, Fla., has introduced magnetic stays from his company, Wurkin Stiffs. You put the stainless steel stays into the shirt's collar stay pockets, then place one of the strong, tiny magnets on the inside of the shirt. Place the magnet where you want the collar to be. Repeat for the other collar tip.

Six well-polished stays and six magnets come in a box with a velvet insert for $19.95, including shipping. The introductory price stays in effect until August 1.

Wurkin Stiffs also intends to release a magnetic collar stay for polo shirts, though no further details were available on the Web site.

Those who are curious about physics should check out the company's legal disclaimer, which reminds the would-be collar-preener that super-strong magnets can wreak devastation on electronics, including computers and storage. Note to self: Do not blog while wearing magnetic stays!

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