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Magnets for cats with bad grammar

Git bad grammur magnetz fur ur fridj.

Are you one of the millions who visits every month? The site is well known for its user-generated lolcats, the pictures (usually of cats) with humorous captions thrown on top. Earlier this month, the site unveiled its latest swag, a tried and true 1990s relic: magnetic poetry. The twist is that the words follow popular lolcat memes and have been made to emulate their Web counterparts with the proper white impact font.

Our shipment of magnets arrived earlier this morning and have been privy to some rather humorous concoctions. The best use of these I'm told is to place on top of pictures of your friends, family, and pets on the fridge. Not only do they keep the pictures adhered, but they might also give you a lol when you're going for the milk in the morning.

The magnets retail for eleven bucks, and have free shipping until the end of the month. Obligatory unboxing shots below.

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