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Magnetic guitar cables prevent pops, jack damage

Belkin's new magnetic guitar cable connectors are useful for on-stage spazzes and musicians who like to switch instruments often.

You're on stage, in the middle of your first song. The band's tight. The sound's dialed in. The audience is grooving. But you--idiot guitarist--forgot to do the Stevie Ray Vaughan trick of tucking your cable up through your strap, so instead it's running straight down to the floor, next to your feet. Excited, you take a step forward to pose for your friends in the front row and step right on your cord. It comes out with an ear-splitting pop and buzz. The bass player rolls his eyes as you get down on the stage, pick the end of the cable back up, plug it back into your guitar--another loud pop--and finish the solo. Momentum lost. Show ruined. Chances of rock stardom zero.

The magic of magnets! Belkin

Belkin's got the solution: BreakFree connectors. They're magnetic, like the MacBook's MagSafe power cable. They can't prevent you from stepping on your cord, but when you do there's no pop, no buzz, and you can reattach them very quickly. They're also excellent for guitarists who like to change axes between songs, but lack the roadies or foresight to do the busy work of turning on the bypass each time. Plus, you're less likely to damage your input jack after hundreds of plugs and unplugs--and there are few things worse than an input jack failing on stage. (What's that crackling sound?)

$19.99, available in September.