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MagicWand pairs Apple's keyboard with its trackpad

New keyboard mount for Apple's wireless keyboard adds Magic Trackpad to create one unified input device for lazy, lazy people, or those without desks.

The MagicWand, two great tastes that taste great together? Twelve South

Sure, you could use Apple's gesture-friendly Magic Trackpad and the wireless keyboard separately, but why do that when Twelve South has a device that allows you to connect them together Voltron-style? It's called the MagicWand and it acts as a bridging contrivance between the two wireless input devices. It's not electrical; it's just a mini-mount that allows you to use the keyboard and trackpad together without needing a tabletop, such as while you're in bed or on a therapist's couch.

Or, as the makers point out, it's great for controlling a Mac-based home theater system. Mousing on a couch sucks, as does having multiple input devices. The MagicWand seems to want to turn your keyboard and trackpad into the best Bluetooth remote control ever.

The Web site also touts that the thing is ambidextrous: You can mount the trackpad on the left or right of the keyboard. Pair it with a mouse or tablet, it seems, and you've got an unstoppable Photoshop machine. Or something.

It doesn't appear to be for everyone, but I get the feeling there will be some readers who see this post and think, "I need that right now!" And they can get it for $30 from the Twelve South Web site with free shipping. Now aren't you glad you read Crave?