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Magic Geek Ball: 404 error, fortune not found

Let ThinkGeek's Magic Geek Ball dash your hopes with a "404 error" or "Fail" response to your yes or no question. It might also let you know that the answer is "Win" or "LOL."

Magic Geek Ball
The Magic Geek Ball has bottled a 404 error. ThinkGeek

Buying gifts for geeks can be expensive. They are likely to have things like iPads, Microsoft Surface tables, and working replicas of the TARDIS on their wish lists.

Magic Geek Ball sayings
I confess that I had to look up "RTFM." (Click to enlarge.) ThinkGeek

You don't have to drop a bundle to show you care about your geek's nerdy pursuits. For $7.99, you can cross that egghead off your holiday shopping list with a Magic Geek Ball from ThinkGeek.

The Magic Geek Ball is the techie, meme-loving cousin of the Magic 8 Ball. Ask it a yes or no question and it will spit back a response like "404 error," "Fail," or "Can Has."

This could be a perfect present for anyone who delights in LOLcats. "Sorry, Mr. Fluffytoes, the Magic Geek Ball says you cannot has cheezburger. Better luck next time."

There are 20 different answers to keep you busy for at least a few minutes. A bright power button painted on the top means you won't confuse it with your original Magic 8 Ball.

If the Magic Geek Ball is destined to be a stocking stuffer, you can still fill out the geeky gift bounty with a visit to CNET's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.