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Mafia III glitch compilation video is equal parts hilarious and dumbfounding

See all the way things can go wrong in a 7-minute video.

Mafia III has been in people's hands for a couple days now, and it hasn't taken long for players to run into glitches. A collection of these have been rounded up in a new video that will not disappoint fans of ridiculousness.

The 7-minute compilation comes from YouTube user CrowbCat and starts out innocuously enough, with a Goat Simulator-esque glitch where a person's body is swinging around near the top of a building. From there, we get the more mundane things, like falling through the ground, to some really bizarre ones -- a cop falls into the water, only to rise up and suddenly be standing on it as if it were land.

Elsewhere in the video, we see some of these glitches turn less funny, at least for the player, as a mission fails because of one. Also highlighted are some issues with the cover system and AI.

My personal favorite moment comes at the 1:42 mark, when we see a mirror... malfunction. It doesn't correctly reflect protagonist Lincoln Clay in a weird sequence that's vaguely reminiscent of Cooper's camera test in the "Twin Peaks" movie.

Mafia III (as well as its mobile game tie-in) released this past Friday. We didn't get review code long before release, but we do have a review-in-progress to give you some early impressions. The game launched with a 30 FPS cap on PC, but that has since been resolved through an update.

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