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Brighten the night with a 3DR Solo drone and this ultrabright light

The Fiilex AL250 mounts on the quadcopter for everything from light painting in the sky to helping find people on the ground.

One of the key selling points of 3DR's Solo drone is the Made for Solo developer program, which helps other companies create the accessories you may need instead of waiting for 3DR to do it.

The list is small at the moment, but there have already been several products announced this year and that now includes the Fiilex AL250 Light for Solo.

The 2,000-lumen light allows you to brighten your night shots, whether you're shooting with a gimbaled camera on the drone (it can attach to its accessory bay) or doing composites with a digital SLR. You could also use it for light painting and Fiilex says it's even powerful enough to use for search and rescue, too.

Running on a rechargeable battery, the light has a correlated color temperature of 5600K and can be angled to shine the light right where you need it. Check out the video above to see it in action.

The AL250 is expected to be available in July, but is available for preorder now for $349 (approximately £240 or AU$485).