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"Made for Sansa"

"Made for Sansa"

SanDisk recently announced that several companies will be offering a variety of accessories made especially for the company's Sansa line of MP3 players. The program, dubbed "Made for Sansa" (hmm, sounds familiar), will turn out more than 40 new products ranging from speaker docks to cases to FM transmitters. The collaborators in question include Griffin, DLO, and Altec Lansing, among others. The Altec Lansing inMotion iM510 is the only one of such products we've been able to get any real details about, and even these are slim. The speaker system fits SanDisk's Sansa e200 and c200 series, and it will charge the players and offer pass-through syncing. If you feel the bass is lacking, you can pick up the optional BB2001 subwoofer, which is compatible with the iM510. We're still trying to dig up more info on the other products, so stay tuned for some updates.

SanDisk also announced its own accessory: the Sansa Base Station. This product supports the e200 series as well as the just-announced c200 series. You can use the dock to charge the player as well as to sync it with your PC. It also features RCA audio jacks for outputting music through your home entertainment system, though it apparently is unable to pipe photos or videos (bummer). The Base Station, which will cost $69.99, includes a power adapter, a USB 2.0 cable, an RCA audio cable, and an IR remote control. (The dock has built-in slots for both the player and the remote.) It's expected to go on sale in the United States in October.