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"Madden" plays "Monday Night Football"

The real and virtual worlds will collide in a new way this fall, when pro football commentator John Madden uses Electronic Arts' "Madden NFL 2003" video game for pre- and in-game analysis on ABC's "Monday Night Football" television show. Starting with the Sept. 9 broadcast, the real-life Madden will stage a video game preview of the night's match-up to illustrate key points, ABC and EA announced Tuesday. Video game recreations of key plays will also be shown during the game to show the action from angles impossible to duplicate in real life.

"Using the...'Madden NFL 2003' technology allows 'Monday Night Football' to uniquely explain the intricacies of NFL football in a clear and entertaining fashion," said Fred Gaudelli, executive producer of "Monday Night Football." Football games have become one of the most hotly contested arenas in the video game business, with EA leading the market with its "Madden" series.