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Madden NFL 16 patch coming soon to fix bugs and more

EA Sports to deploy a new patch "as soon as possible."

Reviewers had plenty of nice things to say about Madden NFL 16, but the professional football game does have some bugs that are souring the experience somewhat. Thankfully, then, EA Sports has confirmed that it's working on a new patch to clear out some of the issues--and the update should be coming soon.

Creative director Rex Dickson says on Twitter that EA is working to launch a new patch "ASAP." He added that fans "won't have to wait six weeks." As Pasta Padre notes, past Madden games didn't receive their first patch to respond to community feedback until mid-October or thereabouts.

Bugs to be addressed in Madden NFL 16's upcoming patch include (per Pasta Padre):

  • Random encroachment coming out of the huddle
  • Severe ratings regression in Franchise
  • Ratings being boosted to absurd levels during Franchise games
  • Broken SuperSim that gives QBs a number of carries that rivals starting running backs
  • Custom playbooks not always appearing
  • Draft classes that come in too high in certain attribute categories

There's no word if EA Sports will fix this funny bug that makes a defender hate the air. I kinda hope they keep this one in the game.

In GameSpot's 8/10 Madden NFL 16 review, critic Miguel Concepcion wrote: "EA Tiburon has focused more on fans' diverse play tastes as well as making this one of the most welcoming Madden games in recent memory."