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MadCatz's motion games

MadCatz's motion games

MadCatz stopped by our offices today to give us a preview of its new motion-based controller system. The GameTrak is a device that tracks movement with two retracting tethers mounted on analog sticks. These tethers clip to players' hands (using the included velcro gloves) and track hand movement in three dimensions. MadCatz claims that the GameTrak is sensitive to a millimeter, and even if we can't go quite that far, the control is surprisingly sensitive; the version we had a chance to play with was surprisingly fun, and the tethered design isn't nearly as cumbersome as it sounds. The first title for GameTrak will be Real World Golf, a golfing simulator that lets players swing clubs as if they were on the course themselves. GameTrak with Real World Golf will be released for the PS2, the Xbox, and the PC on April 11 and will cost about $70. MadCatz is planning to release several games for GameTrak in the next year, with possibilities for baseball, boxing, and even sword-fighting simulators.