Mad Max gameplay revealed

Avalanche Studios has shown off a new trailer for its Mad Max title, complete with gameplay.


First revealed at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013, the concept of a Mad Max open-world action-adventure game initially delighted, before one problem was revealed: that Max had an American accent.

(Credit: Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios)

In the wake of an online petition, Avalanche changed its stance, announcing that the studio would find Aussie voice talent for the eponymous character.

We can only assume that the majority of footage for this gameplay trailer was compiled before this happened, because Max is curiously silent, with just an American voice-over for a little exposition.

Other than that, the trailer showcases not just the vehicle-based combat, but also the really quite brutal hand-to-hand combat, as well.

Oh, and deserts. Lots and lots of deserts. You can see it all in the trailer below, lovingly entitled "The Soul of a Man".

Mad Max is due out in 2014 for current and next-gen consoles, as well as PC. (Although not the Wii U.) We'll keep you posted with information on who will put a voice to silent Max as soon as the actor is announced.

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