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Mad inventor explodes insane Death Star made of fireworks

Everyone enjoys a good explosion. Revel in Colin Furze's frenzy as he unleashes a Death Star-shaped fireworks show.

The original Star Wars Death Star suffered an explosive fate on screen, unleashing a cloud of fire and sparks in space. Mad-genius inventor Colin Furze, the man who brought us a bed catapult and a working hoverbike, decided to reenact that fiery occurrence using a crane, 5,000 fireworks shots and 59 fuses. It's all to celebrate him racking up 3 million YouTube subscribers.

Hyperactive Furze hosts the video, which posted Thursday, with a gleam of crazy in his eyes, which is totally appropriate when you consider how dangerous that many fireworks can be. The Death Star isn't a complete sphere, but it's plenty big enough for Furze to fit inside and spread his arms out. Instead of pacing the fireworks out like a regular show, all the shots are set to go off at the same time.

Furze rolled out enough of a lead to give himself plenty of time to get out of the way of the shooting explosions. It's loud. It's ferocious. It's much more sparkly than when the Death Star blows up in the movie. It's enough to cheer the heart of any Jedi or anyone who likes to see things go kablooey in spectacular fashion.