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Macworld: Video recording, search function and P2P iPhone applications from the Kiwis

New and upcoming iPhone applications

Polar Bear Farm, working with a reversed engineered SDK, have created two prototype applications that caught my eye. Of course, this coming from someone who thinks hacking involves coughing and jailbreaking involves Folsom prison. But with that said, the New Zealander guys (and they are literally guys) from Polar Bear Farmdemoed a search function for iPhones that searches contacts and calendars. Beyond that, and more ambitious are their video recording feature (still in development) and even more ambitious peer to peer poker (with other players) using your iPhone as your hand of cards instead of actual physical cards. While the video compression details haven't been worked out (each second being about 3 MB is a bit excessive) and the poker applications a twinkling in their eyes, outfits like Polar Bear were my first exposure to the types of outfits really innovating with the iPhone. I wonder what's in the pipeline....

Video recording iPhone applications from down under - Polar Bear Farm's offering Kevin Ho