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Macworld to find harbor in Boston again

Boston is close to resuming its role as host of the East Coast installment of Macworld Expo, according to a source familiar with the situation. Trade show promoter IDG World Expo is nearing a decision on the move, with the major sticking point being IDG's demand that the city post a performance bond guaranteeing that everything at its new convention center will be shipshape. In addition, IDG is looking at the possibility of docking cruise ships in Boston's harbor as a lower-cost way to house the thousands of Mac fans who flock to Macworld.

Even if the hosting deal goes through, the move won't take place until 2004 as the new Boston convention center won't be ready until June that year--a month before Macworld. The show was held in Boston for 12 years until 1998, when it was moved to New York.