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Macworld magazine signed by Steve Jobs sells for more than $47K

Jobs had signed the copy of Macworld's first issue at the grand opening of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, according to RR Auction.

Steve Jobs signed magazine

Steve Jobs' autograph is rare, according to RR Auction.

RR Auction

A Macworld magazine signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sold for $47,775 on Thursday night, according to RR Auction. 

The magazine, from February 1984, is the first issue of Macworld. The cover features a picture of Jobs next to three Macintosh computers and an inscription that says "to Matt, steven jobs."

Jobs signed the magazine on May 19, 2006, at the grand opening of the Apple Store on New York's Fifth Avenue, according to RR Auction. This video reportedly shows him signing the autograph. 

The auction house says Jobs was known to be a reluctant signer. That could explain the steep prices people are willing to pay for his signature. 

"It's an exceptional piece with ironclad photographic provenance," said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction, in a statement.

Steve Jobs business card

This business card sold for $6,259.

RR Auction

The auction ran from Dec. 6 through Dec. 13 and featured other Apple-related items, including Jobs' original Apple Computer business card from when he was chairman of the board. That item sold for $6,259. An Apple "Think Different" poster set sold for $2,764.

Other items linked to Jobs have also sold at high prices. Last year, a Newsweek magazine signed by Jobs sold for over $50,000. And in March, a job application filled out by the tech mogul in 1973 sold for $174,757.