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Macworld Expo will make Boston move

After briefly rethinking its plans, IDG World Expo said it will go ahead with prior plans to move the East Coast edition of Macworld Expo from New York to Boston. The show is slated to take place July 12-15 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. "While there was some uncertainty about the event coming to Boston after the successful launch of Macworld CreativePro in New York this summer, we have decided to continue the Macworld tradition on the East Coast as originally planned," IDG World Expo chief David Korse said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Apple Computer reiterated its plans not to attend a Boston show. "When IDG initially announced its plans to move summer Macworld to Boston in 2004, we were very clear that we didn't think it was a good move," the Mac maker said in a statement. "Our position stands and Apple will not be participating in Macworld Boston. We are 100 percent committed to Macworld San Francisco in January every year."