Macworld Expo ramblings: the Aladdin booth; FWB items

Macworld Expo ramblings: the Aladdin booth; FWB items


StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 includes new versions of Expander and DropStuff. However, these freeware/shareware programs have not been posted to the Internet as yet. I have been told to expect to see these available by next week (Wednesday at the latest).

SpaceSaver not compatible with Mac OS 8.1 Add SpaceSaver to the list of utilities that are incompatible with Mac OS 8.1. They are working on an update to be released after 8.1 is out.

Aladdin is also investigating the glitch (reported here previously) where Magic Menu's Command-S and Command-U shortcuts sometimes do not work. If you have this problem and can provide details, send them an email about it.

Spring Cleaning 2.0 tip: If you get a "-39:1802" error when launching Spring Cleaning, delete the application's Preferences file and restart. The error should go away.

FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit (already known to have problems with Mac OS 8.1's HFS Plus format) will come out with a new completely 8.1-compatible version "within 30-45 days" of the release of 8.1.

Meanwhile FWB released a 3.0.1 update to its CD-ROM ToolKit (thanks, Version Tracker).

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