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MacWEEK to cease publication

MacWEEK to cease publication

As was widely reported yesterday (such as in this SF Chronicle article), the print version of MacWEEK will end publication this August. It will become a new magazine called e/media Weekly, covering graphics and publishing news across all major platforms.

However, as noted on the MacWEEK web site, the online version of MacWEEK is expected to continue.

A personal note As with the passing of MacUser last summer, I am saddened by the loss of yet another major Mac publication. There is no doubt that the decision was prompted by a decline in advertising, as evidenced by the reduced page count for recent issues. This news is especially sad, given the surge in Apple's fortunes these past few months. You have to wonder whether, if MacWEEK could have held on for a few more months, matters might have significantly improved.

But perhaps not. The real issue for MacWEEK may have been the rise of the Internet. Until recently, MacWEEK was the premiere medium for getting the quickest delivery of the latest Mac news. Now, of course, the daily delivery of news on the Web far surpasses the speed of a weekly print publication. Ironically, MacWEEK may have become a victim of the very technology it covered.