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Macs win the Mission hip wars

It's no secret that among the young and hip, Macs are the computer of choice. That has been proven time and time again at blogger conferences, at universities and in the personal computers of many tech companies' employees.

But how would they fare in a public place in one of the hippest neighborhoods in one of the hippest cities?

Well, I decided to put it to the test Friday, by visiting Ritual, one of the newest cafes in San Francisco's Mission District. This is a place usually filled to the brim with young, good-looking people having serious conversations, reading real literature and wearing the kinds of clothes you have to wear in a place like that.

And don't even get me started on the coffee. The cafe's motto is "We take coffee seriously, not ourselves."

Anyway, at just after 5pm on Friday, as most people downtown were just getting off work, Ritual was already packed with young hipsters. The din of conversation overwhelmed the room. And at nearly every table was at least one, if not two, laptops.

And the breakdown? It wasn't even close. Score one for the Mac. Final tally? Get this: 22 Macs and only seven PCs.