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Macrovision acquires Mediabolic for $43 million

Macrovision has paid $43 million in cash for Mediabolic, a software maker that specializes in creating digital entertainment networks for the home.

Best known for producing digital rights management software, Macrovision said in a statement on Wednesday that Mediabolic's entertainment-networking technology will boost its content delivery and protection services.

Privately held Mediabolic makes a program that links televisions, stereos and other home-entertainment devices to PCs so they can share content such as music or video files.

The seven-year-old company once received investment from Intel as part of that company's efforts to develop digital-home products.

"Mediabolic's software is a strong fit with our roadmap to help content owners transition from the world of physical media to the digital world," said Fred Amoroso, Macrovision's CEO

Macrovision's stock, traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, was down one percent to close the day at $27.96.