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Tech Industry

Macromedia software ready for Linux

CodeWeavers, a Linux software maker that specializes in products that enable Windows applications to run on a Linux PC, announced a new version of its software Monday. It also announced support for Flash and Dreamweaver, Macromedia's Web design tools. Other applications that version 2.1 of CrossOver Office supports include Microsoft's Office XP productivity software, Intuit's Quicken personal finance software and Adobe Systems' Photoshop image-editing application.

CodeWeavers is one of several companies hoping to make Linux more popular by offering programs that allow it to run software that's written for other operating systems. The company's programs are based on Wine, open-source software intended to mimic a Windows environment, and were originally backed by desktop Linux evangelist Lindows. CrossOver Office 2.1 is available now, for $59.95 per user.