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Macromedia launching content site

Macromedia, maker of the Shockwave multimedia plug-in, is set to launch its content site, dubbed ShockRave.

Macromedia (MACR) tomorrow will launch ShockRave, a free online entertainment site that features the company's technology and content from the likes of United Media, Sony's Columbia TriStar Interactive,, and SegaSoft, among others.

As reported earlier, the site will feature games, cartoons, message boards, and music with sound and animation. "Dilbert" is among the comics featured. The site's advertisers include 7-UP and the LifeSavers Company. Macromedia previously had declined comment on the site.

With the launch, Macromedia wades into the crowded consumer entertainment market. Its Shockwave multimedia technology is popular among many entertainment Web sites.

A sneak peek at the site today showed links to "games, toons, music, and talk." For example, it introduced "King Putt," an online miniature golf-like game.

According to a "frequently asked questions" section, the site runs on either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, as well as Apple and Microsoft operating systems. It does not, however, support Internet Explorer for Mac or the America Online browser, at least right now. Shockwave Flash and Director plug-ins also are required, as well as RealNetworks' RealPlayer 5.0.

Macromedia chairman Bud Colligan also sits on the board of directors of CNET: The Computer Network, publisher of NEWS.COM.