MacLinkPlus 9.0b Updater - and more

MacLinkPlus 9.0b Updater - and more


The MacLinkPlus 9.0b Updater (which I was unable to locate last time) is available as DataViz's web site. (Thanks to Scott Thomas of DataViz, Kurt Christensen of Version Tracker, and Raul Regalado.)

Update: If the above DataViz link does not work, try this one. (Scott tells me he had to move the link to a faster server, due to high demand after its posting here!)

Scott Thomas also added the following useful information:

"The update fixes the Word blank cell in table problem (as reported on MacFixIt last time). This problem only affects MacLinkPlus 9.00 customers and this updater will only work on systems with MacLinkPlus 9.0 installed.

Regarding the WordPerfect 3.5 problem - we're still trying to nail this one down and we are working with Corel now to determine the cause. I will report back to you when we finally have a clear understanding of what the problem is and what the fix is. For now, I would withdraw the recommendation to trash the MacLinkPlus for WordPerfect extension. This advice was for an earlier version of that extension (intended for WP 3.1 not 3.5) - the 2 MLP extensions can coexist now."

Update: DataViz now has a web page that describesvarious issues regarding MacLinkPlus and WordPerfect. This page recommends discarding the WordPerfect MLP extension if you are using a version of MLP newer than 8.0.4. It also suggests getting the 3.5.3 Updater for WordPerfect and adds this advice:

"If you upgrade to System 7.6 and then reinstall Corel WordPerfect 3.5, there may be a conflict with Macintosh Easy Open. This Control Panel has been renamed in System 7.6 to Mac OS Easy Open. The Corel WordPerfect 3.5 installer is not aware of this and installs an older version the the Control Panel with a different name beside the new one. This can cause conflicts. Remove the older extension, restart and rebuild your desktop."

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