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MacKenzie Scott Donates Nearly $4B to More Than 400 Groups

The billionaire philanthropist, once married to Jeff Bezos, gives Habitat for Humanity a gift of $436 million, which'll go to its multiple branches.

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Habitat for Humanity is among the organizations that received a donation from MacKenzie Scott.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

MacKenzie Scott, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' ex-wife, continues to honor her pledge to give away much of her wealth. Since last summer, the billionaire philanthropist has donated close to $4 billion to more than 400 charities in the US and abroad, she said Wednesday.

Some organizations that received major donations include Habitat for Humanity, which was given $436 million, and Planned Parenthood, which received $275 million. Habitat for Humanity called the donation "transformational," while Planned Parenthood said it was the largest amount from a single donor in its history.

In a post on Medium, Scott expressed her intention to focus on underrepresented groups by creating opportunity and equity. "When we help one group, we often help them all," she wrote. She shared a list of groups that received financial gifts, and she also urged others to support nonprofits that provide help locally, nationally or internationally.

In addition to Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity, organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Malala Fund, The Literacy Lab and Youth Villages also received funds. This latest round of giving follows Scott's last sweep, which concluded in June 2021, where she gave away $2.7 billion. She boosted the work of more than 250 groups whose grassroots efforts are devoted to education, arts, health and more. 

During 2020, Scott not only changed her last name from Bezos but announced that she joined Giving Pledge and donated close to $1.7 billion to charity. She shared millions with organizations that focus on everything from racial and gender equality to climate change. Scott collaborates with a team of nonprofit advisors to vet groups and determine which ones to fund. One thing Scott emphasizes in her posts is for the public to pay less attention to wealth and more attention to the voices and people doing work in the community.